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The space in the header for your username is limited, so if you’ve got a really long username you might notice it doesn’t look very special. If you’re handy with CSS you can go in and change the font size of #header h1 to something smaller, or if you’re really dedicated you can just change your username. But I wouldn’t expect that :P

Also, the description field is limited as well, so you might need to prune your bio a little!

Unfortunately I don’t have time to help everyone with their individual questions regarding the theme but if you have any bugs to report (ie: glitchy things are happening in different browsers) please let me know via my contact form.

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Your marital happiness depends on nasty chemicals!

Your marital happiness depends on nasty chemicals!

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This year, I have committed more faults than ever before and I have never been a better person.
— Victor Hugo, in a letter to Victor Pavie from July 25, 1833 (via non-specific) (via buyhercandy) (via monkeytypist)

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A chat post

  • Natalie: Hey, this is a hip and groovy Tumblr theme.
  • You: So I see.
  • Natalie: This post is all about showing you what the chat posts look like.
  • You: Ahh yes, fantastic.
  • Natalie: Go on and install it.

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Summer’s Eve advertisement

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